Eartha Kitt’s
Dance and Cultural Arts Program

Our Mission
In 1965, after meeting with community people of the Watts area of Los Angeles California, Ms. Eartha Kitt co-founded the KITTSVILLE YOUTH FOUNDATION along with parent and registrar Mrs. Ella M. Evans. Kittsville was established to provide cultural and educational enrichment for youth through workshops and mentoring. Kittsville’s objective continues to be that of offering a concrete program that provides personal and cultural expansion for both the youth and their parents and or guardians by:

  •  Providing in depth experience and exposure through the arts which engages the creative, intellectual and physical being.
  • Mentoring relationships with professionals and specialists in the performing arts and other disciplines
  • Guiding with the constant intention of connecting our explorations with social justice and the possibilities of functioning fairly and optimally in this global world
  • Encouraging and cultivating the skills to develop self-esteem, pride, dignity, discipline, respect, knowledge, love and creativity as each comes to learn the benefits of understanding and integrating the whole person.

The core objectives are to practice these ideas within the framework of learning about one’s own culture and that of others. We know that in these opportunities we have and will continue to grow, share and celebrate our steps forward.

Wanda-Lee Evans, Director
Dance and Cultural Arts Program